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Well that was annoying

You’ve almost completely forgotten that you ever set up a blog in the first place, until one day an email pops up to verify a Facebook account you’ve never heard of.
That’s odd you think to yourself and point your browser at your long abandoned domain, only to be confronted by a Malware warning. Curiouser and curiouser.

So, after a little investigation, and with a bit of help from google webmaster tools, I’ve realised that the antique version of WordPress languishing here had a security flaw which had allowed some evil miscreant to embed malicious javascript into most posts.

A couple of hours later, and I think I’ve finally cleaned up the database and upgraded wordpress to a /safe/ version.

And with that this blog and can go back into hibernation, see you in another four years…


Bournemouth Borough council have back-tracked, and will be allowing ‘lunatics, idiots, [the] deaf and [the] dumb’ to stand in local elections after all. Good for them I say, if you want to run for election then you should be able to.
Now, banning lunatics and idiots from voting, that sounds like an excellent plan, even if it would disenfranchise 50% of the British population.

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