New beginnings

The sudden disappearance of my previous webhost has forced me to start this site anew. Somewhat conveniently this has coincided with a slightly renewed motivation to write something (or rather the re-surfacing of my usual motivation), and having to set the whole thing up again has spurred me to action. Whether it will last any longer than last time is doubtful, but who knows.
Proper entry to follow tomorrow, hopefully along with a slightly nicer layout.


3 Responses to “New beginnings”  

  1. 1 Barry Price

    #1. I’m frankly offended that you didn’t host with me ;)
    #2. Glad to see you’re still alive, whilst my email wallows ignored in your inbox
    #3. Looking forward to reading something interesting, don’t let me down
    #4. Make the damn fonts bigger, my eyes hurt

  2. 2 the silver lizard

    1) You mean you actually got around to setting up a hosting business!?
    2) Email? I do have a bit of a backlog as a result of the incredible disappearing webhost, you’re probably in there somewhere…
    3) Interesting? You’ll be lucky if there’s anything to read at all! : )
    4) ‘Tis a little on the small side isn’t it? Still <CTRL>++ is your friend.

  3. 3 Barry Price

    1. foobar hosting
    2. I see you found it eventually :-)
    3. So I suspect. You’ve a good talent for writing, I hope you find the time to utilise it!
    4. Meh. Looks readable today – either you fixed it, or I’m sat too close…

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