It’s strange. My initial motivation for creating this site, and for resurrecting it twice, has always been to write about one subject in particular, and a vague idea to delve in to a second. The reason for it’s rapid and repeated decline, as been that writing about both of these subjects seems to pose me significant difficultly – despite that fact that I do want to write about them

First, and possibley least interestingly to anyone else, Life & Love. The desire, no… The need to communicate raw emotion, but not actually wanting to talk about it. Over the past eighteen months a succession of stream of conciousness pieces have been comitted to paper. Only vaguely coherent, with little focus and much emotion, the process of writing them has usually been cathartic and enlightening. I never been one to keep a diary or journal, but that is what these peices most closely resemble – a diary of emotional states. Herein lies the problem -publication of such pieces, even under a pseudonym, is something I ultimately have not been able to bring myself to do. This blog may have repeatedly prompted me to commit my feelings to paper, and doing so as definitely been beneficial, but it has never seen any of the results.

So with the page set up, but unable to publish anything that I’d written, I’d try to write about the other thing that most interested, annoyed and concerned me: Politics and the state of the country and Western Civilization in general. Despite the almost constant stream of political machinations worthy of comment and the seemingly endless examples of modern Western Civilization gradually collapsing under it’s own weight, I’ve rarely been able to get anything written at all. Properly forming an opinion and trying to analyse where an event may lead required far more time than I’d expected, never mind actually writing it so that it was interesting, coherent and readable – resulting in numerous half finished drafts going unpublished, and many more article ideas unstarted.

So, from now on, I’m just going write whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind. The results may be inconsistent, half formed and sometimes downright bizarre, but anything is better than nothing. And perhaps the process of writing will gradually lead to an improvement in quality.


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  1. 1 Barry Price

    When we are old, we can relive these days by reading what we wrote now.

    When we are gone, our writing will remain.

    Published or not, the more you write about the highlights (and lowlights) of your life, the more you will feel that you lived when you look back on it later.

    For example -I imagine that you probably had a vaguely pleasant day at some point in October 1993. I probably did too. But neither of us (I guess) wrote about it, so it’s lost in the mists of time, and may as well never have occurred. This is a sad state of affairs.

    The more we write, the more we can appreciate ourselves, whether revelling in a great long-forgetten essay or laughing at how much we’ve come along since we wrote it.

    Keep on writing, and I for one will keep on reading.

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